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A+UP Open House for Interested Families

A+UP Open House for Interested Families

Dear Future Phoenix Families,

We are excited that you have expressed an interest in attending A+UP next school year. You may not know a lot about our cool little school, so I'd like to invite you to a virtual open house.

Next Tuesday, April 28, we are hosting a Future Phoenix Family Night at 6 PM. This meeting will give you a look into our school--how we usually operate and how we operate during quarantine. Because there is a chance that next school year will be disrupted by COVID again, you should choose a school like ours, which only lost one day of instruction due to quarantine.

Not only do we serve our kids well during quarantine, we are strong throughout the year. Our kids grow in reading and math at one of the top rates in the nation. Our kids get to explore the city as they learn and get a very strong foundation in character development.

Come join us next Tuesday and find out if your child should be a Phoenix!

Future Phoenix Family Night
Tuesday, April 28, 6 PM on Facebook Live

The meeting info is on our Facebook Events page. It's easy to RSVP (four clicks, no typing). Please do that today so that we can be prepared for you.

Please email me if you have any questions. pcastro@aplusup.org


Paul Castro

Perseverance is working through challenges to achieve our goal.

Superintendent’s Message

Superintendent’s Message

A+UP is the best-kept secret in Houston. We are an unconventional, tuition-free school where kids who need something different than a big, traditional middle school find their academic home. All kinds of middle schoolers find their place in our small and safe school, situated in Houston’s Midtown neighborhood. We have high-performing GT children who love our small-school environment and like to get ahead, and we have kids who have struggled academically and need to get caught up.

What makes us a great school? Three things:

1. We care deeply about each child as a human first and then as a learner.

2. We motivate our scholars to create learning goals and achieve them. Many of our students once struggled in school or became lax about learning due to the lack of academic challenge in traditional school. We work with our learners to know and understand their data, set goals and own their personal growth.

3. We believe learning happens all the time, not just in a school building. Almost all our electives happen off-site: PE occurs at the YMCA or the boxing gym, whereas science enrichment and art may happen on weekly excursions to museums.

We invite you to visit our school and see for yourself. Our scholars would love to share their learning with you and talk about our school virtues of curiosity and ownership. I’d like to hear about your child and to help you find out if A+UP might be a right fit for your family.

Paul Castro, Superintendent of A+UP Charter School