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Phoenix Family Pride

by | Apr 29, 2020 | COVID-19

Dear Phoenix Family,

It's time to share your Phoenix pride with your community.

Many kids across the nation have missed out on their learning during these last six weeks and it stinks. For a variety of reasons, they have been cheated out of their learning as well as their social connections with friends and teachers. But that isn't everyone's story.

Your child is working hard and learning. We know that our Phoenix Scholars have been owning their learning all year long. We know that they haven't stopped during COVID and that they are continuing to demonstrate all of the O-SPICES, even from home.

Your child has demonstrated self-control throughout this time. They have practiced the discipline of getting up and checking on their work expectations every day.

They have shown perseverance by continuing to push themselves in this time of uncertainty.

They are showing ownership as they take feedback on their work and fix it, so that they are able to say, "I did my best."

Your child is showing curiosity as they take on the challenge of fixing their own technology issues so they can push through and succeed.

Your child is showing integrity by working hard on their learning, even though they are not being watched by a coach or by you.

Your child is showing social intelligence on Zoom calls--getting dressed for them and cleaning up their room enough to be presentable. (well... most of the time)

Your child is demonstrating empowerment by using the habits and skills that are making them better thinkers and better people who will be ready for their bright future.

We want you to share your child's Phoenix story on social media for the next week and a half. Let your friends and family see how your child is working hard and learning, even though it is hard to do so. Here's how to share your Phoenix's story with our community:

  • Go to Facebook or Instagram.
  • Use this phrase starter, "I am proud of my Phoenix scholar for..."
  • Pick an O-SPICES virtue or talk about their growth as a person
  • Share what your child has been doing that shows that virtue or their growth
    • over the school year
    • over the quarantine time, or
    • since they started middle school
  • Add a picture of your child.
  • Add the hashtag #PhoenixFamilyPride and tag us @HoustonAPlusUP for Facebook or @aplusupcharterschool for Instagram (so we can see it too)
  • Example: "I am proud of my Phoenix scholar, Jessica, for showing perseverance. She hates being away from her friends at school, but she isn't quitting. She is learning every day and working hard to become her best self. #PhoenixFamilyPride @HoustonAPlusUP" <Insert Pic>
  • Example: "I am proud of my Phoenix scholar, James, for showing ownership. When he started middle school, he wasn't motivated. He has worked with his coaches at his school A+UP to become a scholar. He wants to do his best now and cares about his grades and his learning. #PhoenixFamilyPride @HoustonAPlusUP"
  • Example: "I am proud of my Phoenix scholar, Ryan, for growing so much these last 3 years at A+UP. He is ready for high school and we are so proud of him. #PhoenixFamilyPride @HoustonAPlusUP "

We especially would love for scholars to post their own stories with the same hashtags. So let them show a little pride in their own work so they can share their own learning with their families. 

Please email me if you have any questions. pcastro@aplusup.org


Paul Castro

Empowerment is knowing that we can create change in our lives and our community.